If you do not see your specific question listed here, please check the Tournament Rules for further information.

Yes, this is required of all participants. The Waiver of Liability and the Medical Release forms perform two unique functions. The Waiver limits the liability of the event, its organization and supporters. The Medical Release ensures that medical care can be authorized should a player be injured and their parents/guardians are not present.
Yes, we are a college showcase event and basic contact information (jersey number, name, email, phone and graduation year) for all HS-aged players is necessary to properly compile our player profile booklets for the attending college coaches. All other profile information is voluntary. If you have players already committed, just indicate that on their profile.
We do not publish this information prior to the event; we do publish a list of programs that have frequented our event in the past for you to reference. We encourage all players to reach out and invite the coaches at the schools where they have interest in attending and inviting them to our event, rather than blindly contacting colleges just because they happen to be coming to our event. The more active the players, the more coaches attend!
Yes, T-shirts will be available at the tournament HQ. There are no pre-orders or discounts as our shirts are very modestly priced.
No. Every team must email in their completed Roster and Waiver forms by the day requested on the homepage. Changes to your Roster will be accepted at Check-in, between 10am and 12pm on Friday morning before the event starts.

Every year, teams show up with incomplete paperwork (missing forms, signatures, etc.). By submitting Rosters and Waivers via email at least a week early, they have adequate time to correct any errors prior to their first game, whereas, waiting until just before your first game leaves no time to react. Also, we are staffed at that time to complete this process efficiently. Game days are active with game/event management activities; Check-in then would be an unnecessary distraction.

Yes. Lansing is a relatively small market with limited availability for hotels. Our housing service provides an easy and efficient means to find rooms specifically held for our event’s use. This maximizes the use of rooms within the area, keeping the hotels happy and our customers close by their respective game fields. Please see our website for their contact information and links.
Yes, each team will play two games Friday afternoon/evening. Games will start at/after 12pm Friday afternoon.

2 games Fri, 3 Sat, 1-3 Sun

We realize everyone wants to get home as early as possible on Sunday evening, so we schedule all games in the morning/early afternoon with championships after that. The better you do, the later you will play! Our goal is to have everything wrapped up by 6pm.
Yes, we have athletic trainers and EMTs on site. Ambulance services are on stand-by, in case of more severe occurrences.
Yes, a vendor village and food resources will be available for you to pick-up any last minute needs/sales, replenish your fluids and satisfy your taste buds. Event T-shirts will also be on sale at the tournament HQ.
No, pets are not allowed at the facilities. We know you love your pets, but please leave your pets at home.